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Composer Dale Trumbore


For SSAA A Cappella. Duration 3:30


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Commissioned by the 2012 ACDA Women’s Choir R&S Commissioning Consortium, the entire piece drives toward the last line of the Stacy Gnall poem “big brother, I am catching up to you.” One long, rhythmic race, this selection will be a wonderful contrast to much of the repertoire often included in women’s choral concerts.

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Composer Martha Mooke - X-ING


for 5-string Electric Viola or Violin and Concert Band Duration: 14:00



X-ING is the intersection of sound worlds of electric viola (with electronics) and concert band. Along with crossing the sonic palette of strings, electronics and band, X-ING also crosses stylistic boundaries and invites both players and listeners to bring their imaginations and experiences to the table. The title was inspired by road signs such as Deer X-ING, School X-ING, etc. The three movements characterize three X-ING concepts: 1. Pegasus X-ING, 2. X-ING Over, 3. Double X-ING.

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Composer Alex Shapiro


For Wind Band and Pre-Recorded Soundscape. Duration: 4:30

*a CSIC Commission


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The renowned composer of PAPER CUT and TIGHT SQUEEZE has created a love child from these two popular and unusual electroacoustic band works, and the result is LIGHTS OUT, an audience-wowing excursion into a new realm of opto-electro-acoustic wind band repertoire that incorporates visual and physical elements. The music engages without staging effects, but you’ll want to give your band the creative fun of devising a performance that will plunge the audience into darkness and surround them with glowing colors —  a very physical approach to bringing band music to life — and, to light!


Composer Winton White

Zui Zui

For SATB. Duration: 2:45


A fantastic piece that utilizes not only sung notes but also sounds and effects, this a cappella piece captures your attention from the start and never lets go. An old Japanese children’s folk melody, the exact meaning of the words are still under debate, though that is the mystery of children’s folk songs. This piece is the first selection for the new Magen Solomon Choral Series. Excellent for high school, college and community choirs.

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Composer Nan Avant

Celtic Winds Suite

The Celtic Winds Suite is a musical journey through Ireland and Scotland, countries within the British Isles. I was fortunate to have visited this beautiful region in 2011 and was very inspired with their music, country and lore. The Suite begins with the Ballad of the British Isles, a lyrical piece with an air of Irish music, melodic tones and a lilting tempo that transitions into a minor key and returns to the first motif, finishing with a grand statement. Gaelic March is a full and sonorous march depicting the bravery of the Scottish heritage with rhthmic structure in 6/8 and distinctive melodies. The Celtic Winds Suite is clearly tonal with memorable themes.

*a CSIC commission 

. Performed by the 8th grade Olmsted Academy South wind band 2016 under the direction of Bradley Byrum.


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