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Composer Adrienne Albert

Western Suite

For Orchestra. Duration:11:30


Commissioned by Ivan Shulman and The Los Angeles Doctors Symphony Orchestra and premiered by them in Santa Barbara, CA. A warm, colorful, tuneful programmatic piece describing the west where I grew up, Western Suite (aka Montana Morning) is Coplandesque with interesting twists and turns. Numerous professional and community orchestras have performed Montana Morning across the country. Moderate in difficulty, an outstanding trumpet player is needed. Though piece is scored with harp and piano, it has been performed successfully on numerous occasions without one or both.

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Composer Karen Amrhein


For small orchestra. Duration: 5:00.


Inspired by the film “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” and its evocative score by Bernard Herrmann, Serenade expresses a haunted wistfulness that is reminiscent of the film

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Composer Diane Wittry


For Orchestra. Duration: 16:30 minutes


This exciting – and beautiful – new tone poem, written on the Island of Elba in the Mediterranean, where Napoleon was exiled, is meant to evoke a sense of early morning by the sea, which typically is misty there.

Listen to this introduction by Diane Wittry:

The piece could be called impressionistic but it is not at all like Debussy’s La Mer, or Sibelius’ Oceanides. Harmonically, it is “centered around diminished chords” and the tritone. There is some aleatoric disruption of timing by the strings. A trumpet is used as “an antagonist,” its “haunting cry” meant to be “a reminder of things unsettled.” The orchestration includes unusual instruments and effects: large and small “rain sticks,” which are hollow and pierced bamboo pieces, water pans with actual falling water, and flutes and trumpets without sounded notes but with the sound of air blown through them, as well as wind chimes. There is a full complement of woodwinds and brass, harp, timpani, glockenspiel and suspended cymbal, in addition to strings.

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Composer Geoffrey Gordon

Four Preludes

For SATB, Strings and Piano. Duration: 7:00

*a CSIC commission


The strings, keyboard and choir are in full partner in this piece inspired by the poem, “Preludes” by T.S. Eliot. The strings in particular execute a number of extended techniques—from sul ponticello and sul tasto, to Bartok pizzicato, natural and artificial harmonics to double and triple stops to thrown bows and expressive glissandi—in an effort to further underline this magnificent text. Over the course of seven minutes, “Four Preludes” attempts to capture the beauty and power of this poetry, from the dramatic opening measures to the quietly expressive conclusion. “An infinitely gentle, infinitely suffering thing…”

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Composer Guillermo Galindo

Trade Routes

For Orchestra and Choir. Duration: 25:00


This work for full orchestra, choir and spoken word represents a tour around a city in the United States and its diverse neighborhoods. Each section of the piece corresponds to a different neighborhood such Latino, African American, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc. The piece ends at night when a Vietnamese store owner closes shop and the streets become quiet. 

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Composer Belinda Reynolds


For Orchestra. Duration: 13 minutes


The music is based on a series of motives that are introduced in the opening section. As the piece continues, the musical ideas cross over one another in different ways, thus transforming themselves and their relationship to each other. Like looking through a kaleidoscope the perspective is always changing, but the object remains the same.

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Composer Mark Jacobs

Orchard City

For Orchestra. Duration: 17:42


The Orchard City: Medford, Oregon 1913 was commissioned by the Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon for the celebration of its 25th anniversary in 2013. The YSSO is the premier instrumental music performance organization for musicians ages 6 to 23 in its region. This includes the Oregon communities of Medford, Grants Pass, and Ashland, among others. The Orchard City is a symphonic fantasy on Medford in the year 1913, just after the peak of its “orchard boom”.

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