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Composer Josh Hummel

The Eisenhower Interstate Highway System I – 84

For Concert Band. Duration: 12:00

Eisenhower –  I84


Our interstate system cuts through some of our greatest cities, across the wide expanse of deserts, farmland, along stunning coastlines and through spectacular mountain ranges. It would take a production on the scale of three Wagner’s Ring Cycles to depict all the cool places America’s interstate highways go through. I chose just a few of my favorites and crammed it into 12 minutes. 

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Composer Karen Amrhein


For small orchestra. Duration: 5:00.


Inspired by the film “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” and its evocative score by Bernard Herrmann, Serenade expresses a haunted wistfulness that is reminiscent of the film

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Composer Ken Walicki

Black Water

For clarinet, piano and computer. Duration: 10:00


Inspired by the 2010 BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The water was black and shiny. It was obvious nothing could live there. The oil spill released about 4.9 million barrels, or 185 million gallons of crude oil. It was estimated that 53,000 barrels per day were escaping from the well just before it was capped. The spill has caused extensive damage to marine and wildlife habitats as well as the Gulf’s fishing and tourism industries. Skimmer ships, floating containment booms, anchored barriers, sand-filled barricades along shorelines, and dispersants were used in an attempt to protect hundreds of miles of beaches, wetlands, and estuaries from the spreading oil. Scientists have also reported immense underwater plumes of dissolved oil not visible at the surface.

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Composer Kenneth Froelich


For Wind Band. Duration:3:30


“Visionary is inspired by the life of Apple co-founder, inventor, and entrepreneur Steve Jobs, who passed away on October 5, 2011. Upon his death, many in the U.S. – including myself – took time to consider the dramatic impact that Jobs’ technological innovations had on our daily lives. While listening to an interview discussing Jobs’ legacy, I was struck by the interviewees description of Jobs’ vision, who explained that Jobs didn’t so much create new technologies, but rather had the uncanny ability to take complex technologies and make them simple.

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Composer Kurt Rohde

Four Remixes

For PIANO TRIO [vln, cello, pn.]. Duration:4:16

This remix of Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s classic “Rocket Man” is a sanguine, laid-back take of this much loved pop song. It is the third remix in a set of four for piano trio, the others covering songs of Joni Mitchell, The B52s and The Beatles.


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Composer Lucas Floyd

The Christ Child Lay (a Christmas Carol)

For SATB, oboe and finger cymbals. Duration: 3:37


G.K. Chesterton wrote his poem “A Christmas Carol” in 1900, and in 2012 I wrote my own Christmas carol, setting his text. I revised the piece in 2013 while studying with the great choral composer Conrad Susa. A strophic dorian melody seemed to fit the timeless mood of the poem. Finger cymbals give each verse a sparkle, and a shepherding oboe line weaves between the verses, finally joining the choir for the last stanza.

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Composer Marcus Shelby

Shakespeare and the Blues: Twelfth Night Suite

For SSAA Accompanied. Duration: 7:00

*a CSIC commission


This three suite piece is based on the text of three Shakespeare sonnets from the play “Twelfth Night”.  The 1st section (Sonnet 8) is a ballad. The 2nd section (Come Away Death) is a blues. The final section (Festes finale) is a gospel feel. 

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Composer Mark Jacobs

Orchard City

For Orchestra. Duration: 17:42


The Orchard City: Medford, Oregon 1913 was commissioned by the Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon for the celebration of its 25th anniversary in 2013. The YSSO is the premier instrumental music performance organization for musicians ages 6 to 23 in its region. This includes the Oregon communities of Medford, Grants Pass, and Ashland, among others. The Orchard City is a symphonic fantasy on Medford in the year 1913, just after the peak of its “orchard boom”.

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Composer Martha Mooke

Short (S) Message (M) Service (S) Hidden (H) Signs (S)

For Voices, Winds, Brass, Percussion, Guitar, Keyboards and Strings.  Duration: 7:00

*a CSIC Commission


Inspired by the receipt of a text message — from SMSHS (Special Music School High School) — this unique piece was written for a creative assembly of instrumentation, including keyboards, guitar players, singers and a smattering of orchestral instruments. Texting brings everyone together. 

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Composer Martha Mooke - X-ING


for 5-string Electric Viola or Violin and Concert Band Duration: 14:00



X-ING is the intersection of sound worlds of electric viola (with electronics) and concert band. Along with crossing the sonic palette of strings, electronics and band, X-ING also crosses stylistic boundaries and invites both players and listeners to bring their imaginations and experiences to the table. The title was inspired by road signs such as Deer X-ING, School X-ING, etc. The three movements characterize three X-ING concepts: 1. Pegasus X-ING, 2. X-ING Over, 3. Double X-ING.

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Composer Mike Benoit


For Wind Band. Duration 4:12 minutes


Inspired by the study of astronomy and Holst’s “The Planets” orchestral suite, the piece is just over four minutes long divided into four sections that play off of the celestial theme beginning with “Stargazing” and leading up to the final “Explosion.” Each instrument family gets a chance to shine, and the rhythmic energy maintains the excitement throughout.

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Composer Nan Avant

Celtic Winds Suite

The Celtic Winds Suite is a musical journey through Ireland and Scotland, countries within the British Isles. I was fortunate to have visited this beautiful region in 2011 and was very inspired with their music, country and lore. The Suite begins with the Ballad of the British Isles, a lyrical piece with an air of Irish music, melodic tones and a lilting tempo that transitions into a minor key and returns to the first motif, finishing with a grand statement. Gaelic March is a full and sonorous march depicting the bravery of the Scottish heritage with rhthmic structure in 6/8 and distinctive melodies. The Celtic Winds Suite is clearly tonal with memorable themes.

*a CSIC commission 

. Performed by the 8th grade Olmsted Academy South wind band 2016 under the direction of Bradley Byrum.


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Composer Nicole Chamberlain


For Wind Band. Duration 4:00


Hope — a ray of brilliant light that often breaks the most foreboding thundering clouds of life. Rhythm and dynamics weave within this piece to reflect the mindset of those who see the darkness of a situation but whom find a glimmer of hope to hold onto.

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Composer Omar Thomas

Prelude and Meditation

For Jazz Ensemble. Duration: 13:15



*a CSIC commission


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Buy this album from iTunes, “We Will Know $5.99.  Movement III, “Meditation” was developed out of a piece commissioned by Composers and Schools in Concert titled “Prelude and Meditation.” Lyrics from “Prelude and Meditation” have been redeveloped for “Meditation.”

A meditative Afro-Swing groove in 6, echoing the protest songs of Nina Simone and calling upon the intense vertigo of Coltrane’s extended religious-based pieces, while borrowing melodic structure and atmosphere from hymns and civil rights protest songs.

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Composer Rich Campbell

Coney Island

For a cappella SATB choir. Duration 4:00

Often described as haunting, “Coney Island” is a poem written by Pulitzer prize winning American poet Sara Teasdale (1884-1933). To achieve this haunting feeling, two melodic fragments are heard in the opening measures of the soprano part and immediately inverted or mirrored by the basses. The first fragment is built on seconds and returns in triplets in the second half. The other fragment, written in larger intervals, reappears, augmented, in the bass section, then in counterpoint near the end.


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Composer Roger Aldridge

Salt Marsh Rag

For Mid-size Jazz Ensemble. Duration: 3:00

Salt Marsh Rag has an early jazz feeling and a good amount of humor. It is meant to be fun and something that is distinctly different for performers and audiences. While this rag draws upon American roots music and is intended to sound old, there is a playful juxtaposition of old and new. The score was originally conceived for woodwind quintet and jazz rhythm section. Alternate parts are provided for an assortment of instruments within the range of each wind part. This enables the music to be played by many kinds of instruments.

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Composer Ruth Elaine Schram

Face of Courage

For SSA Accompanied. Duration: 4:00

*a CSIC commission


Poetic, significant, and memorable, “Face of Courage” is a winsome and energizing piece for students and audiences alike. The storyline incorporates individual lines of text and a melodic motif that the students and composer created together.

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Composer Ryan Keebaugh

Prismatic Boundaries

For Wind Band Duration: 4:30 

*a CSIC commission


It’s fall, and you awake in the cool, crisp, early morning to watch the sky become damp with highlighted colors of the dawning sun. This piece embodies the wonder of the first glimpse of daylight.

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Composer Scott Watson

Aesop’s Fables

for Wind Band, with Narrator Duration: 10:00

Each of the four movements is a magical setting for narrator and band of Aesop’s legendary tales: The Tortoise and the Hare, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Dog and the Bone, The Wolf and His Shadow. Ken Laudermilch, in the PMEA News, writes: “What a sheer delight these wildly contrasting settings of the Fables are…The work has a very wide audience appeal — story lines and imaginative musical interplay…It is without a doubt the finest programmatic/narrative that we’ve ever come across for band!”


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Composer Steve Horowitz


For Chamber Ensemble, flexible instrumentation. Duration: 18:00.

In the video game world, many people play Massive Multiplayer On-line (MMO) Games. These are expansive worlds that encourage players to work together or compete with each other in virtual landscapes to achieve set goals. This piece, Massive Multiplayer Musical Organized Game (MMMOG) is an MMO. It encourages the performers to play together or work separately to achieve a singular and noble goal — a quest to make a satisfying piece of music.

*a CSIC commission 


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