For Composers – Member Benefits

We administer composer commission and composer workshop programs. We offer grant funding along with fiscal and promotional services when you collaborate with a youth music program.

Composer Membership

Member Benefits:

 Custom profile in our member directory which is filled with professional composers who are vetted to work in a youth environment and who are dedicated to youth music education, which we promote to youth music educators throughout the country

  Exposure to youth music educators who are interested in commissioning a professional composer or bringing a professional composer into the classroom for a workshop

  The opportunity to create a piece in an educational setting — you interact closely with the performers, understand the way they engage with your piece, and see the reaction right away

  Funding and promotional services when you collaborate with a youth music program

  If selected for a commission you will receive a CSIC commission along with a professional audio recording and CSIC administrative, fiscal and promotional services

√  The opportunity to create a composer workshop, which CSIC will help you develop and endorse. If your workshop is selected by a school you will receive CSIC workshop funding

  Invitation to member-only opportunities

  Discounts on our arts partner’s products and services

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Annual Membership Donation

  • The annual membership fee is by donation only. A contribution is not required for membership.
  • The suggested annual donation is $35. All donations go directly to support composer and school commission and workshop programs and to bolster membership services.