Music Educators – Grades 8-12

Composers and Schools in Concert (CSIC) makes it easy for youth music educators to commission a composer or bring a composer into the classroom for a composer workshop.

Commission a Composer 

Our Commissions in Concert program provides an opportunity for students to participate in the creation of a new piece of music written specifically for them while they learn about music composition along the way. We help you select a composer who is a good fit for your student ensemble. The composer gets to know the students and then spends a few class periods creating and rehearsing with the ensemble. The composer joins the ensemble at the performance of the world premiere where all ticket-sale revenue goes back to your youth music program.

CSIC Provides:

– A proven commission curriculum for young performers including the following: a get-to-know-you session with the composer, rehearsals with the composer, custom score and parts, composer appearance at the concert
– A professional composer that is a good fit for your program
– Composer contract and copyright agreements
– Professional audio or video recording of the premiere performance
– Custom excerpt for the concert program
– Promotion of the premiere performance through press releases, social media promotion and media pitches

How It Works

The composer and the music teacher are the artistic directors. Together in consultation with CSIC, the teacher and composer will create a commission project that is well suited for the school ensemble and the teacher’s curricular outcomes.

There are 2 Commission Types to Choose From:

A. Commission a Composer with a Group of Schools (Consortium): Starting at $500 per school: The total for the commission must reach $2,000 (this could be higher depending upon the composer selected).  Each school ensemble receives an online or in-person get-to-know-you session with the composer and a discussion about music composition, an online or in-person learning session and rehearsal with the composer, custom score and parts, a custom program excerpt and press and promotion of the premiere performance.  One school in the consortium will receive a professional audio recording. CSIC will help coordinate the other consortium collaborators.

B. Commission a Composer for Your Ensemble Only: An individual commission begins at $1,950 (and may be higher depending upon the composer selected) to commission a piece for your ensemble only. You receive a get-to-know-you session with the composer and a discussion about music composition, two in-person rehearsals with the composer plus an in-person appearance at the concert, custom score and parts, a professional audio or video recording, a custom excerpt for your program, and CSIC creates and administers the composer contract. If desired, CSIC will help you find a composer who is a perfect fit for your ensemble.

Commissioning Schedule:

Spring: School signs up for a commission
Fall: Get-to-know-you session with the composer and the ensemble
Winter: 3 student learning sessions/rehearsals with the composer and score delivery
Spring: Concert

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Our Promise to You

We make commissioning a composer as efficient and affordable as possible so that it’s easy for you to participate.  We handle all of the administrative details so you can focus on student learning and the creation of music. We vet the composers for you and connect you with a professional composer that is a good fit for your program. The rehearsals and learning sessions take place during your existing class schedule; we provide you with a custom excerpt for your concert program; and most importantly our Commissions in Concert program engages your students in the creation of a new piece of music written specifically for them, and they have the thrill of performing the world premiere!

“I highly recommend Commissions in Concert to my fellow band directors. The process of meeting a composer, interacting and giving input for the commission was something invaluable to the education of my students. Students were exposed to the process behind the product and have a deeper appreciation of the work that goes into the sheet music they see.” Armand Hall, Director of Bands

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Host a Composer Workshop

For most young students, the composer may be the most remote figure in the musical process. By bringing a professional composer into the classroom — for a 90-minute, 3-class, or 8-class workshop — CSIC strives to deepen the students’ overall relationship to music and encourage students to create.  CSIC Composition Workshops are available for all student levels. CSIC workshops are available in a variety of genres such as Classical, Jazz, Songwriting, Scoring for Film, Television and Games, Cross-Disciplinary and Improvisation.

CSIC Provides:

– A variety of composer workshops to choose from
– Scheduling, project coordination and composer contract

Workshop fees:

– Workshop fees are $250 (45-minute to 90-minute), $500 (3-period), $1,200 (8-period)

Workshop Timeline:

We’ll help you schedule a workshop for a date and time that works for you.

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