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Through CSIC’s Commissions in Concert program, educators select a composer to write a piece for their youth ensemble. The composer guides the students through the process of commissioning music and students gain the extraordinary opportunity of performing a piece written specifically for them.

Learn more about our Commissions in Concert program here. 

Use the composer directory below to find a composer who is a good fit for your music program. The directory is comprised of composers who have been CSIC-vetted: They are available for youth ensemble commissions, and they have the skillset to be a good fit in a youth environment.

If you don’t see a composer that you’re looking for, contact us, we work with composers throughout the country.

CSIC Composer Directory

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View Profile Nan Avant WA Contemporary Classical, Film/TV/Games
View Profile Sam Pluta NY Contemporary Classical, Cross-Disciplinary, Electronics, Jazz
View Profile Christopher Kaufman NY Contemporary Classical, Cross-Disciplinary, Electronics, Film/TV/Games
View Profile Steven Sandberg NY Contemporary Classical, Cross-Disciplinary, Electronics, Film/TV/Games
View Profile Alexis Bacon IN Contemporary Classical, Cross-Disciplinary, Electronics
View Profile Victoria Bond NY Contemporary Classical
View Profile Carl Holmquist VA Contemporary Classical
View Profile Ronald Owen FL Contemporary Classical, Cross-Disciplinary, Film/TV/Games
View Profile Tamar Salukvadze NY Contemporary Classical
View Full Profile James David CO Contemporary Classical

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