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Through CSIC’s Commissions in Concert program, educators select a composer to write a piece for their youth ensemble. The composer guides the students through the process of commissioning music and students gain the extraordinary opportunity of performing a piece written specifically for them.

Learn more about our Commissions in Concert program here. 

Use the composer directory below to find a composer who is a good fit for your music program. The directory is comprised of composers who have been CSIC-vetted: They are available for youth ensemble commissions, and they have the skillset to be a good fit in a youth environment.

If you don’t see a composer that you’re looking for, contact us, we work with composers throughout the country.

CSIC Composer Directory

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View Full Profile Steve Horowitz CA Contemporary Classical, Cross-Disciplinary, Film/TV/Games, Jazz
View Profile Christopher Cresswell NY Contemporary Classical, Cross-Disciplinary, Electronics, Film/TV/Games
View Full Profile Dan Rager OH Contemporary Classical
View Profile Eric Pazdziora MD Contemporary Choral, Contemporary Classical, Cross-Disciplinary
View Profile Eric Choate CA Contemporary Classical
View Profile Scott Arcangel NY Jazz
View Profile Keane Southard VT Contemporary Choral, Contemporary Classical
View Profile Pablo Samonta CA Contemporary Classical, Cross-Disciplinary, Film/TV/Games
View Profile Mark Connor IL Contemporary Classical
View Profile Lucas Floyd CA Contemporary Choral, Contemporary Classical

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