2013-08-01 Sacramento, CA — CSIC Launches New Online Services to Connect Composers with Educators

Sacramento, CA – Composers and Schools in Concert Launches New Online Ways to Connect Composers with Educators

In August 2013, Composers and Schools in Concert (CSIC) launched three new online services dedicated to helping youth music educators connect with professional composers and advance the creation and performance of contemporary music. These online services, hosted on CSIC’s website, include a Composer Directory, a Score Library, and a Directory of Workshop Opportunities.

The CSIC Composer Directory allows educators to browse through CSIC-vetted composers available for youth music commissions. Through CSIC’s Commissions in Concert program, educators can select a composer to create a piece specifically for their youth ensemble. Over a series of rehearsals, the composer takes the students through the process of new music creation. Students get the extraordinary opportunity of performing a piece written specifically for them and get an up-close look at the profession of music composition. “This online tool allows youth music educators throughout the country to find a composer in their area using our website directory. It facilitates the process,” says Executive Director, Lisa Oman.

The CSIC Score Library is a searchable directory which lists scores prepared by composers, (including those commissioned by CSIC), that are particularly suited, yet challenging and innovative, for youth ensembles. The Score Library gives educators a centralized resource for reviewing scores outside the standard youth music repertoire.

The CSIC Workshop Directory lists the availability of composer-submitted youth workshops on a variety of composition-related topics. These workshops are meant to enhance standard music curricula and may be woven into standardized class periods. Educator cue sheets with details about each workshop and its curricular highlights are available for download.

CSIC’s mission is to not only provide high school aged students with the opportunity to study in music composition but also to provide support and resources to music educators and professional composers. The newest additions to CSIC’s website give music educators and composers new and interactive tools for continuing to teach and influence the next generation of composers.

Composers and music educators who are interested in learning more about CSIC’s Composer Directory, Workshop directory, and Score Library can visit CSIC’s website at www.composersandschools.com.


Composers and Schools in Concert (CSIC) launched in 2011 to give high school-music students the opportunity to work closely with professional composers.  Led by CSIC Executive Director, Lisa Oman, it is the only organization in the United States dedicated to providing high school-age students with the experience of working with a professional composer. Through musical collaborations, students are offered invaluable insight into the career of a professional composer.