2012-09-26, Sacramento, CA — Composer Workshops and High Schools Music Programs

The Composers and Schools in Concert new Composer Workshops are designed to provide high school aged students with the opportunity to study in a particular area of music composition. The goal of the program is to foster relationships between music teachers and composers and to bring more inspiring programming to students by providing them with the opportunity to engage in hands-on experience allowing them the chance to create a final product.

The Composer Workshops begin with recruiting composers to become teaching artists and having them not only design a workshop for a school but also administer that workshop. CSIC facilitates that process by asking composers to do what they do best—create. Composers are asked to design workshops in a wide variety of musical categories–everything from classical, to electronics/instrument building, to sound design for film, TV, games, and more. CSIC sets important guidelines to guarantee that the workshops will run successfully in a high school environment. Once a composer submits a workshop proposal and it is approved by CSIC, the workshop will be made available along with other proposals for schools to browse and select. When a workshop is selected CSIC will award the composer/teaching artist a grant to carry out the workshops.

“I believed at the time, and still believe, that CSIC can make a huge impact in the lives of high school music students. These workshops are just one way that CSIC is working to make a difference,” said Katy Luo, CSIC’s Composer Workshops Program Director.

If schools are interested in learning more about our Composer Workshops or would like to sign up for one, the first step is to visit the CSIC website and submit an inquiry. Teachers will be asked what types of workshops they are interested in, and with that information CSIC will find a matching workshop for each school. If composers are interested in creating a workshop, they can apply online.


Composers and Schools in Concert (CSIC) launched in late 2010 to give high school music students the opportunity to work closely with professional composers. Led by CSIC Director Lisa Oman, it is the only organization in the United States dedicated to providing high school age students with the experience of working with a professional composer. Through musical collaborations, students are offered invaluable insight into the career of a professional composer.